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Here at GoFilm, we all come to work every day because we want to create amazing video content and help people tell incredible stories.


Our passionate and creative team is built not just on skills and expertise, but also a shared sense of commitment and accountability, ensuring that we deliver the very best content solutions for clients. 

We pride ourselves on being agile and experienced storytellers, able to capture the best content across any location and environment. 


We'd love to have a chat about how we can help translate your vision into engaging content, so feel free to get in touch! 

What We Do










title. Estée Lauder: Bronze Goddess

date. 2018

location. Athens, Greece

output. Social campaign, personalised video & photo assets for 25 influencers

Instagram Reach +8million

EMV + $1.2M

71 static posts vs 46KPI

300+ IG Stories vs 46KPI

25 EMEA influencers were invited to join Estée Lauder in Athens for a totally opulent and unique experience. We had 24 hours to shoot and edit bespoke photography and video content for each influencer to allow the brand to maximise social exposure. 


title. Fitbit: Proudlock & Versa

date. 2018

location. London, UK

output. Social campaign, short & long-form content

Ollie Proudlock partnered with Fitbit to help launch the new Fitbit Versa. Fitbit wanted to show how the Versa was more than just a fitness tracker but rather a lifestyle product that could be integrated into any part of a busy life. 

Instagram Reach +8million

EMV + $1.2M

71 static posts vs 46KPI

300+ IG Stories vs 46KPI


title. Human Race Windsor Triathlon

date. 2018

location. Windsor, UK

output. Digital campaign, short & long-form content

Human Race are the UK's biggest mass participation events company and we work closely with them to give their events a digital presence. Our content is designed primarily for promotional purposes but also to help keep the social chatter alive post event so it is edited at speed without a reduction in quality. 

Instagram Reach +8million

EMV + $1.2M

71 static posts vs 46KPI

300+ IG Stories vs 46KPI


title. MiQ: Ignite

date. 2017

location. Marrakech, Morocco

output. Internal company content

Each year, MiQ host their Ignite event; a celebration of the business and an opportunity to share thought leadership throughout the global community. Our task is to provide full event coverage from panels sessions and individual speakers for internal use to experiential activations suitable for a highlights film.

45 pieces of internal content

Short & long-form social content

Bespoke value-add content for staff