“The GoFilm App is an innovative marketing solution that enables your audience to tell better stories” 


How it works

Tell Your Story

Our professional editors build stories to any brief. 


Integrate brand and business messaging to suit your target audience. 


Your Audience


Add Production Value

Suggested shots & tutorials help users tell better stories from the event.

By combining professional footage with user’s own content, you 

 have complete control over brand integration & messaging.

 Incentivise your audience to share content from the show.


Amplify your message beyond the exhibition.

A storytelling app for multiple end users

An incredible value-add experience

A compelling communications tool to tell your own exhibition story

Ensuring on-brand content is delivered seamlessly


Your Team


Bespoke story for unique branded content

Shot and edited in real-time


3,320 engagements

20,000+ Attendees

2 pieces of promo content

3 unique app stories

100+ films made in real-time

8,000+ Attendees

6 pieces of promo content

6 unique app stories

150+ films made in real-time

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